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This would be a good location for a shoutbox or something . . .

Any old stuff can go here . . .

This template is released with no conditions whatsoever. Use it, abuse it, say it's your own - no payment required, and you don't even need to credit me for it (although it is common courtesy to do so). If you feel like it, send me a url so I can see what is being done with it. If you are feeling generous, please visit Worldwind Central and make a small donation so they can keep up their incredible service . . .

Valid XHTML 1.0Valid CSS 2

Designed by Barnacle 9 2005
Courtesy of Open Web Design & Hotels - Dubai

A Template to Remind me WHY??? I am going Back . . .

Hi, I am 12 years old, and I have been designing web pages for 7 years now . . . I have 3 tech companies, and I can think in Assembly, Fortran, Lisp, Java, C++, PHP, and Regular Expressions . . .

Oh, wait- I am 33, I can barely hack my way through 'Hello World,' and this is my first template for OSWD, but I cannot claim credit for it entirely . . .

Actually, this began as a basic modification of Kyla's Ocean template, which I thought utilized the page space and image very nicely, in addition to her clean semantic markup using xhtml and css. Well, I think at this point it is mostly re-written, but I had help from a number of sources, including my personal favorite Blue Tranquility, and the wonderful Listamatic!!!

Truth be told, there is very little original code in here that is very good- all the good stuff I borrowed from others - but, that is how you learn- the ugly hacks I can claim responsibility for, but I do hope to clean this up a little before I actually submit it. This template does validate xhtml 1.0 strict and css 2.0, and it does work on Firefox, Opera, IE 6, and whatever else I can dig up to test it on. The original layout looked better until IE screwed everything up-if you use IE, please at least TRY Firefox or Mozilla-PLEASE!!!

There is so far only one stylesheet, and I have made little effort towards accessibility. However, there are NO tables and only one image- the rest is pure (well, fully in a messy sort of way) css and xhtml. I would be embarrassed to submit any less. There is some basic commenting in the stylesheet, which should be sufficient to help you find your way around. If anyone would like assistance with this, please feel free to contact me.

You may use this template without restriction or required linkback/credit. If you do put up a site using it, I would be interested in seeing how it is being used, but that is not required. You may even claim that you created it if you wish, although that wouldn't be doing YOU any favors in the long run . . .

NOW read below for the interesting part . . . No B.S.

One Time at Fish Kamp...

--I jumped off the boat with an anchor and sank to my chin in mud- I knew then it was going to be a long day!

--I got woke up before I even got to bed-another long day.

--The net dragged anchor when the boat was already sinking- the net wrapped around anchors of several boats, then we had a net-fish sausage wrapped around our sinking boat, and we were going out fast with the tide. A VERY long night!

--I jumped into the mud with an anchor, sank to my waist, and had to carry the anchor while dragging 100lbs chain and 150ft. of net through that mud as far as it could stretch- it was a very long struggle, and I collapsed before I reached the end of the net!

--We ate peanut butter and little else for days!!!

--I went 2 weeks with 1-2 hrs sleep per day, and NO coffee!!!

--I was stuck on a 16 foot open boat for 3 days with 2 guys I didn't want to see anymore and LOTS of fish. One was my Dad- the other looked like the fish.

Another Time at Fish Kamp . . .

--I spent all summer missing my girlfriend- I thought I would propose when I next saw her - she didn't even bother to tell me she already dumped me . . .

--I got so lonely even fat toothless Eskimo women started to look good . . . They say if you give into that one, you are stuck up there for good . . . WHEW . . . THAT was close!!!

--Looks like I need the money, so I might be heading back to Fish Kamp here soon . . .




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